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About Us

AGRI AFFIX PVT. LTD. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that was founded to serve the farmer community and provide better agritech services.

We are engaged in the production and supply of high quality hybrid and research seeds and have a team of highly experienced people with strong agricultural backgrounds.

We are committed to our participation in the overall growth and development of the agriculture sector. We emphasise the adoption of new technological and advanced agricultural practices in order to achieve optimal output levels across the entire ecosystem.

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AGRI AFFIX PVT. LTD. is formed with an objective to provide quality products at reasonable price to our customers. Through our wide range of products we are trying to contribute in the overall growth of the agriculture sector in India. We pay complete attention in ensuring better packaging and ensure wide range of varieties in Insecticides, Weedicides, Fungicides, Plant growth promoters and Advance plant protectors.

AGRI AFFIX PVT. LTD. is also committed to provide employment opportunity to the young talents of India. We provide excellent career opportunity in various streams. We provide regular training and development support to the sales channel and farmers and we look forward towards our channel partners for support and cooperation in carrying out field activities for the beneficial of the farmers and the overall eco system as such.